Excursion: Roller Coaster and Vast Green Plains

Topics: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Cedar Point Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: May 26, 2013

Last Sunday our college organized a school trip. students and the organizing committee have started to gather around six and a half hours. at seven o'clock in the morning four buses have left the college to the capital via the highway A4. after ten minutes we arrived at the first toll station of Menzel Jemil. the second toll station was crowded, we traveled fifty-nine kilometers almost. During this trip we saw a lot of vast green plains, animals, pastures, and a few buildings here and there. Our first destination was the Bardo Museum by mongi slim street. The museum building is near the National Assembly building. into the museum we saw the historical memory of our country. dating from prehistory to today. everything was recorded: people, activities, costumes, cotumes ... it was very beautiful. the second destination was the entertainment park called DAHDAH . The Amusement park is self-contained areas that include shops, rides, and restaurants ,it is designed, as the name implies, for amusement of young and old. A roller coaster is intended as a ride for adults and adolescents, the merry-go-round for younger children, and the Ferris wheel is suitable for just about anyone. A word of warning: those with a fear of heights, speed, or seemingly uncontrolled descents may want to stay away from the roller coasters . our last destination was the Tunis Science City in el menzeh 4 .Initiated in 1992 . it is an institution in charge of disseminating Science to the lay-public and particularly to the young. At 17 pm we returned to Bizerte. it was a very important educative trip.
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