Exemplar: Marriage and Groom

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wedding Pages: 6 (978 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Topic: Manobo Tribe: Wedding Rituals
Time Frame: 1 day
Date: October 28, 2014
A. Objectives:
For students to clarify the path of their journey that involves the roots of their blood line and making valuable experiences, they are expected to

a. Reflect and share on the message conveyed in the material viewed b. Employ appropriate plan suited to a one-act play.
c. Perform tasks through small differentiated groups

B. Pre-assessment-
Task 1- Promoting the advocacies of the Manobo wedding
Final Task- Enhancing self through group presentation

C. Resources
A. materials
B. Equipment
LCD Projector
D. Activities
Task 1- ask the students to study the poster and evaluate its message
E. Discussion
A Manobo Wedding
F. Application
Final Task - group presentation
G. Home work
My Treasure- Research a Manobo proverbs and explain it in a whole sheet of paper.

Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus 13 up, 4 down

 Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes 

The land is sacred. These words are at the core of your being. The land is our mother, the rivers our blood. Take our land away and we die. That is, the Manobo in us dies." - Anonymous
Of Families and Rirey: A Manobo Wedding

In our culture, elders play significant roles in marriages or weddings. From the choice of venue and date to the list of sponsors, the opinions of elders are almost always given due importance. In some cultures, even the choice of partners lie on the choices of the elders. While the practice has is frowned at in some cultures, it has become so deeply etched in our customs that acceptance out of respect for tradition becomes commonplace.

For the Manobos, for instance, the elders in the groom’s family decide whether a bride is acceptable.

A proposal is then sent to the paternal uncle for the marriage.

The bride-to-be’s family then asks for the bride wealth, which could be paid with money, land, animals, or precious stones. If an agreement is reached, the wedding ceremony is formally started.

The groom’s datu or spokesperson offers a kagun composed of a plate, a threaded needle, string of beads and a peso coin, to the bride’s datu.

He also offers a delundun or any property of value. It is here that the two datus set a date for the wedding.

After the date has been set,

the bride’s family must send a chicken to the groom, the blood of the chicken will be used in anointing the groom and his relatives to prevent misfortune and to assist them in gathering the required bride wealth.

For their part, the bride’s family prepares the apa, or food for the wedding feast.

The apa is only fed to the prospective in-laws.

On the day of the wedding,

the groom’s party goes to the bride’s house. The groom’s datu meets with his counterpart to announce their arrival. The latter will hen announce the arrival and signal the groom’s party to enter the house. But before entering, they must grant or bargain with the ed-ipal’s wishes.

An ed-ipal could be anyone from the bride’s family. During this time, the bride is made to hide behind a curtain with someone watching her so she can’t come out.

1. The groom and his companions are then fed. The parents and datus of the couple can only eat after the ceremonial exchange of food or seru. 2. The bride’s party are fed next, entirely from a different menu.

3. The two datus must now negotiate for the bride wealth. The bride’s datu lays out rirey of the value placed on the bride 4.
he also sets out the ibatu, or what the bride’s father had paid to her mother. 5. Then he asks the groom’s family for the bata, one or five centavo coins given to the elders, and also to the...
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