Exemption Essay on Does High School Properly Prepare Students For Real World Experiences?

Topics: High school, Education, Sociology Pages: 5 (1029 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Kaitlyn Thibodeaux
Miss. Castells
English 101 J3
20 September 2014
High School: Preparing Students to Conquer the Real-World
The current high school education system prepares students efficiently enough to conquer real world experiences prior to graduation. When a student graduates high school, that student has two options: to further their education or immediately seek employment. Whichever one they choose they are guaranteed to face similar real world experiences. The real world experiences that high school teaches the student to conquer after graduation is that poor decisions lead to punishment or failure and appropriate behavior leads to acceptance from authority and success academically.

In high school, consequences for ones actions are inevitable. An essential part of a well-functioning environment such as high school, which is similar to real life, is the development of a clear relationship in a students mind between their actions and the consequences of those actions. Therefore in high school it is necessary to develop consequences for a student’s behavior that violates the rules. These consequences act to create boundaries and clarity of expectations. Poor decisions lead to punishment or failure and befitting behavior leads to acceptance from authoritative figures or academic success. In relation to the real world, Mr. Robert Gossen, a risk manager for Nabors Oil Company and an honorably discharged army veteran, states, “I was in trouble several times because of poor decisions. Once out in the real world I learned that if I made those same bad decisions, it could cost me my job” (R. Gossen). Discipline is extremely important in college and the work force. For example, if one is habitually late to work, then that will result in one to lose their job. This is similar to the fact that if you are habitually late or absent to class, then you not only miss important things, such as assignments and materials you need to pass the class, which could lead to failure, but also consequences from authoritative figures such as detention, or more severe consequences such as exemption. Like Mr. Gossen stated, the discipline based qualities we learned in high school, such as having consequences for not being on time, is preparation for after high school.

High school prepares one for the social interactions that will be faced in real world situations. The diverse population that is encountered in high school enables students to understand the vast array of personalities and social economic structures that exist in the world today. In high school, one encounters people daily, such as fellow students, teachers, and higher authority. By interacting with these people consistently one will hopefully learn how to make friends successfully, and speak with respect to people of higher rank. To communicate successfully in society, one will have to accumulate skills to form relationships that allow progression and community. Vincent Scordo, an Italian chef, states, “Striking up a conversation at a work related conference may lead to a new job offer with a higher salary”. Getting along with people will open up many personal and career-related doors.

In high school, to make exceptional grades, one has to learn how to listen to the teacher and follow instructions efficiently. Communication is also a two-way street. Good listening skills are part of good communication also and one needs to understand what the other person is saying as well. These skills are rooted in high school interactions with peers and authoritative figures. Mrs. Tiffany Gossen, a CPA with a master’s degree who currently owns her own CPA firm, claimed that by participating in social and government clubs, it allowed her to understand the challenges and social structures that exist beyond high school (T. Gossen). Therefore, if these relationships and good communication skills are not properly formed one could become not only a social outcast, but incapable of...

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