Expereience Is The Best Teacher

Topics: Chemistry, Laboratory, Experiment Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Andy Han (8-04) Thursday, January 8th , 2015

Experience is the Best Teacher

Wilson Kanad once said, “Life is the best school, problem is an assignment, failure is the best revision and experience is the teacher”. It means that experiencing something by themselves is more meaningful than somebody else teaching them. People tend realize that the experience is the best teacher in many cases as they go through. Sometimes, they might recognize while they are trying fixing their car. Some people might realize during their school life or some people will learn a great life lesson from an experience. Experiencing always makes a person very wise and intelligent.

Many people tend to always call the mechanics when their cars are broken. Mechanic will fix their car in very short amount of time, but sometimes, there will be a situation when people would have to fix by themselves. For instance, few years ago, my dad had a minor car accident. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured, but his car was slightly broken. Everything seemed alright from the outside, but the problem was happening from inside the engine. He was planning to call a mechanic, but the cost for fixing the car was unbelievably expensive. Instead, he started fixing his car by himself. At first, he was having many difficulties, but as he learned by failing and trying again, he was able to get very used to it. Not only he was able to save a lot of money, just by experiencing how to fix a car, he was able to learn more about mechanics.

Experience teaches a person a lot of lessons when they are in a science lab. When I first came to Canada few years ago, I was very glad that we had lots of experiments in science class. Back in Korea, our teacher showed a video about the lesson and then we had homework. However, at St. Andrew’s College, instead of the videos and homework, we had a chance to have experiments on our lesson. I was...
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