Experiment on Ionic Reactions

Topics: Sodium chloride, Solubility, Chemistry Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: June 22, 2012
Data Table: Record your observations in the following table


Precipitated a blue colorNRNRNRTurned a milky purple colorPrecipitated a light purple colorPrecipitated a light blue color

Precipitated a light blue colorPrecipitated a dark amber colorNRNRPrecipitated a light blue colorPrecipitated a light green colorPrecipitated a light blue color

Precipitated a light milky yellow colorTurned a dark black colorNRNRTurned a light yellow-gold colorPrecipitated an black colorPrecipitated an yellow color

Precipitated a beige milky colorNRPrecipitated a yellow milky colorNRPrecipitated a beige milky colorPrecipitated a yellow milky colorPrecipitated a beige milky color

Precipited a very light blue colorNRNRNRPrecipitated a beige milky colorPrecipitated a very transparent yellowish colorPrecipitated a very light bluish color

The purpose of this experiment is to work with aqueous solutions of ionic substances. Aqueous solutions are those solutions in which water is the solvent. When ionic substances are dissolved in water, the ions separate and become surrounded by water molecules. The focus of this experiment is on precipitates. The goal of this experiment is to study the nature of ionic reactions, write balanced equations, and to write net ionic equations for precipitation reactions. Based on the solubility rules my results proved accurate. Just by looking at the solubility rules, my results were what I expected them to be. I found that sodium chloride did not react with any of the five substances and that the sodium sulfate only reacted with the barium nitrate. The sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate as well as the sodium hydroxide reacted with all five substances. This was expected because the solubility rules stated that these were all insoluble substances. I was careful to add exactly two drops of each...
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