Experiment E Post Lab

Topics: Chemistry, Temperature, Solvent Pages: 3 (321 words) Published: January 8, 2015
Experiment E: Post lab
Natasha Buckiewicz (130361780)
IA: Matt Halloran
Due: November 26, 2014

1. This experiment followed GCP number 8 which is reduce derivatives. This experiment did not use unnecessary derivation since the reaction was not modified in any way. No additional reagents were required so it did not generate a lot of waste. 2. Safer solvents and auxilaries (GCP #5) was not used in this experiment since the experiment used a solvent to complete the reaction. The reaction used both CH2Cl2 and CCl4, which is not green. Also, designing safer chemicals could have been better used in this experiment which goes with GCP number 4. Both of the solvents used are toxic to humans and can cause damage to skin, the respiratory tract and eyes because of its corrosive nature. 3. The experiment could have been made greener by using solvents that are not hazardous to humans and do not become a hazardous waste. Preventing waste before a solution is used would also make the experiment more green. 4. x100%

AE=340.06 g/mol/(180.25g/mol+319.82)x100%

5. RME=isolated mass/ reactants mass
RME=0.2125 g/ (0.25 +0.5 g)
6.E factor=mass of waste produced/mass of desired product isolated E factor=1.8 g/0.2125 g
E factor=8.47
7.E stilbene= (0.58$/g)x(0.25 g)=$0.15
pyridium tribromide=(0.76$/g)x(0.5 g)=$0.38
ETOH=(8.56$/L)x0.005 L)=$0.043

Total cost/gram= $0.58
The reaction is cost effective because it is $2.24 cheaper.
8. AE=160.01 g/mol/(180.25g/mol+319.82)x100%
Pyridinium tribromide is considered greener because it has a higher atom economy which means it is closer to an ideal chemical reaction. 9. crude melting point range=216.1-220.3
pure melting point range=226.0-231.1
The determined pure melting point was lower than the expected melting point of 241-243 degrees Celsius. This could have been due to the crystalline product not being 100% pure. We know this is true since the determined...
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