Explain How To Create Assessment Opportunities

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Explain how to create assessment opportunities that meet the needs of learners – ‘Assessment is the term given to checking that learning has occurred. It may happen at any stage during the learner’s progress through their qualification’, page 112, Practical Teaching, a guide to DTTLS & PTTLS, Wilson. ‘Assessment can be carried out before recruitment (at interview), at commencement (diagnostic and initial assessment), during and at the end of the lesson and at the end of the module, unit or programme.’ Page 268, Practical Teaching, a guide to DTTLS & PTTLS, Wilson. Arrange lessons around frameworks, so teaching the subject to learners. Teachers will have to assess learning has occurred, regardless of whatever form of learning has taken place. By being consistent, ensuring that all assessments are completed to a level standard, and irrespective of when the learners are assessed the outcomes are constant. By making sure all learners have access to assessment, and it follows the criteria of equality and inclusion By ensuring learners have had the opportunity to have all areas of the subject covered, so no part has been missed By allowing the learners understand the purpose and meaning of the assessment Making all learners know how the assessment will take place

Assessment isn’t something that takes place at the end of the module or at the end of the year, it can take place at the end of the lesson by asking the learners if they have understood what was covered in the lesson.
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