Explain Why Political Opposition to the Regime of Tsar Nicholas Ii Grew in Russia in the Years Before 1905.

Topics: Russia, Russian Empire, Nicholas II of Russia Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Leading up to the Russian Revolution in 1905, there were a series of decisions and accidents, signs of discontentment amongst the poor and also a tension increase between Russia and Japan. It was ultimately these problems which lead to the Revolution and the end of Tsar Nicolas II’s regime. But why did this political opposition grow towards Nicolas II? In 1985, Russia had persuaded Japan to give up Port Arthur and the Liaotung Peninsula to her. There were agreements that followed with China which helped furthermore influence these Russian decisions. However the Japanese opposed this expansion. Although the Japanese had countered the Russian proposals, a peaceful solution was still certainly possible. Although without the restraining influence of Witte, the Russian ministers advised the Tsar to ignore it. One of the Russian ministers even said that `a short victorious war would stem the tide of revolution`, it was this type of attitude which would lead the Tsar to the end of his reign as the Japanese were angered by this. The Japanese’s requests for negotiations were ignored. This then prompted the Japanese to attack and in February 1904 they attacked the Russian fleet stationed in Port Arthur while the Japanese army cleared the Korean peninsula of Russian troops. This War with Japan was largely of Russia’s own making and it was here in 1904 where Nicolas II faced his first major test in foreign affairs to see if he was really strong enough to be Tsar. Russia’s main aims in the War were to pursue an expansionist policy in the Far East and also the Tsar wanted to distract from their domestic troubles by rallying into a patriotic struggle. However the War proved to be disastrous for Russia’s military as they had seriously underestimated the strength of the Japanese. This conflict led to disaster as Russia was defeated. It also showed up the problems with Russia’s government and the Tsar, as the military commanders had not prepared effectively enough. It was...
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