Exploration of Reading Interest and Emergent Literacy Skills of Children with Down Syndrome: a Reaction Paper

Topics: Down syndrome, Educational psychology, Reading Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Title of the Article:“Exploration of Reading Interest and Emergent Literacy Skills of Children with Down Syndrome (DS)” Author:Leila A. Ricci (California State University-Los Angeles) Journal : Article appeared on International Journal of Special Education (On-line version), Vol. 26 No. 3 2011

Before the late 1960’s, the scientific community was dearth with researches on reading for children with Down syndrome and until the 1990’s, the exception was the child/children with Down syndrome (DS) who could read (Oelwein, 1995).

This particular study proved that in this day and age, the exception is a child or children with Down syndrome who could not read since previous researches proved that this particular group of people can learn and do achieve functional reading skills albeit with combined effort and interplay of certain factors.

Examining a sample size of 31 children with Down syndrome with a mean chronological age (CA) of 10 and mean mental age (MA) of 4 and using well-planned and carefully controlled methodology, testing instruments, and statistical treatment, this study provided some insights into:

1.The role of home literacy environment in enhancing and predicting the development of emergent literacy skills and interest in reading of kids with Down syndrome.

2.The role of parental beliefs about reading significantly influences the interest in reading of children with DS. This study showed that children with DS who did well in receptive vocabulary and comprehension have parents who believe about enhancing their children’s comprehension while engage with their children in various forms of home literacy activities.

3.That emergent literacy skills, which is rudimentary to conventional literacy skills, is a function of mental age (MA) and that comprehension of meaning, one aspect of emergent literacy skill, is a function of chronological age due to prolonged and early exposure to school...

References: Farrel, M. (2009). Foundations of special education: An introduction. West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell
Oelwin, P.L. (1995). Teaching reading to children with down syndrome: a guide for parents and teachers. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House
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