Extended Definition on Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, Thought Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 5, 2015
Extended Definition on Marriage

The concept of marriage between a man and women, by thought, promotes the perception of a solidified place in society. But the idea of marriage may have lost its true meaning long ago. While society dictates that married couples are more successful in life, be it through media, advertisement, or establishments, it fails to show that in this modern day and age, marriage is not as intimate as it once was. One can say marriage is now viewed as a convenience partnership.

There are many ways to view marriage between two people as just being convenient for one another. It could be that there is a couple seeking to get married to financially benefit one or the other, even both. It’s only normal to look for a suitor with good tangibles. It’s sometimes easy for a person to see themselves with another, if the other person is well off financially. There have been many cases where both women and men have married solely for benefits that include medical insurance benefits, tax benefits, credit benefits, life insurance benefits, military benefits and even money itself. This is not to say the two people involved are not “in love,” but the purpose of the marriage may have been influenced for the wrong reasons, only because it was convenient at the time to fulfill one’s needs and wants.

Those who are already married, often have a marriage of convenience rather than a marriage of commitment. The word commitment, when considering marriage, means the couple will stick it out no matter what the circumstance. The different stages of a relationship, ultimately falling in love with someone, and vowing to always cherish the other person is one of the many ways a true marriage is viewed. One way this can easily be altered, is the state of emergency that pregnancy can sometimes create. If the two people involved are still getting to know each other, and the pregnancy is not expected, it can sometimes alter the way one or both people think and feel....
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