Extraction of Trimyristin From Nutmeg Lab Report 092614 Organic Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry I – CHEM 201-DL01
September 26, 2014

Organic Chemistry Experiment 4B Lab Report

Extraction of Organic Compounds From Natural Sources:
Extraction of Trimyristin From Nutmeg


The purpose of this experiment is to illustrate how a solid natural product can be extracted from its natural source through the use of an organic solvent.

Natural products are organic compounds that are synthesized by natural biological processes in plants, animals and microorganisms. These products typically occur in mixtures of many different compounds, so to obtain a particular natural product it is necessary to separate it from all of the other compounds present. We do this through a process called extraction.

In chemistry, extraction is the physical process by which a compound (or mixture of compounds) is transferred from one phase into another. One type of extraction is an organic solvent extraction, in which an organic solvent with a high affinity for the desired compound is used to extract the compound. This is the type of extraction we performed in our experiment.

Nature of the Experiment

Our goal was to extract a triglyceride called trimyristin from solid nutmeg. Nutmeg is a spice from the ground-up seed of the East Indian nutmeg tree. Plant seeds are typically rich in triglycerides, the fatty acid triesters of glycerol. Trimyristin in the major triglyceride found in nutmeg, representing 20-25% of the dried weight of ground nutmeg.

To extract the trimyristin we performed a solid-liquid extraction using the organic solvent Methylene Chloride (CH2Cl2). We use methylene chloride to extract the trimyristin because both are relatively non-polar, and under the principle of ‘like dissolves like’ this will allow for the proper extraction of trimyristin from the nutmeg.

Table of Pertinent Physical Constants

% of Trimyristin in Dried Weight of Ground Nutmeg...
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