Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups Ptlls

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|Preparing To Teach In The Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) | | | |Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Candidate Name: | |Date of Submission: 3rd July 2013 |

Unit summary

The aim of this unit is to assess learning and development practitioner’s understanding of group dynamics and facilitating learning and development in groups. Therefore you are required to understand the use of a variety of methods, for example, presentations, instructions, demonstrations, small group activities, skills practice and feedback, e-learning, blended learning, role plays, simulations or experiential learning. ‘Practitioner’ means anyone with a learning and development responsibility as part of their role.

This framework is to help you complete your assignment. The word count for this assignment is 1900 words (+/- 10%). You should relate this assignment to your experiences and reflect upon your practice where possible.

You may use appendices to include tables or lists to support your assignment – these will not be included in the word count.

You are not required to use referencing for this qualification but you may reference if you prefer to (see note below about plagiarism)

All assignments are to be completed electronically and must be in Arial 12 font. The text boxes within this workbook will increase in size to accommodate any typing within them and are set at Arial 12 already.

All assignments must be in a Microsoft Word format.

Copy & Pasting from web sites or someone else’s work etc. is plagiarism and is not acceptable. If you do use other people's work, such as a reference, then you should place this in italics and note who's work it was as follows: 'xxx xxxxx', Smith 2008


Each section of this assignment requires a different level of response; the following terms will assist you identify what is required. The word count required for each section is also provided.

Summarise –A brief account of main issue or points explored or examined. (100-150 words).

Compare – Identify the main differences and similarities between things. (200-250 words).

Describe – Provide detailed statement or account of...
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