Factors That Hinder Freshmen Bachelor of Secondary Education Students of Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Marikina Academic Year 2011-2012 in Achieving Efficient and Effective Learning

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Psychology Pages: 24 (6551 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Presented to
The Faculty of
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements on English II

Submitted by:
Belgira, Mark Gil G.
Bermudes, Carla Monica
Dela Paz, Junie M.
Manangan, Niña B.
Miralles, John Michael A.
Natividad, Jhorela Marie C.
Payod, Kevin L.
Refuerzo, Christine M.
Sandagon, Joenelle J.

March 2012
Chapter 1
This research contains information regarding the factors that hinder the freshmen students of Bachelor of Secondary Education of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina (PLMar), A.Y 2011-2012.
Every individual has the right to have a quality education, live a meaningful life and be an asset to the society he or she belongs. Education brings out the ideas and potentialities of an individual so that he will become productive in his life.

Most of the students of Bachelor of Secondary Education aspire to become a teacher or a professor in the near future. They would like to cater those individuals, young or old, who would want the knowledge that their students will gain from them.

But not every freshman student of the Bachelor of Secondary Education has a lot of means of attending class in school. They have reasons behind every difficulty. Other people may not be aware of it but every student experiences it. Problems occur normally in a person’s life but still we have to find reasons for going on with life.

The researchers hope that with the help of this research, the readers would be informed and exposed to the problems a college student is facing. The researchers hope that this will serve as an eye and mind opener so that, we, as an ordinary citizen will understand what they are going through so that we will be able to know on how to communicate and deal with them.

The students of Bachelor of Secondary Education are still proving to all that despite the difficult circumstances they are now facing, they still have the guts for not quitting. They are striving really hard to achieve their goals and ambitions in life, not just for themselves or for their family but also for the welfare of every individual who are in need.

The hardships that they are facing right now will be reciprocated with rewards. In this course, confidence and competence is a must in achieving an efficient and effective learning. After all, everything has a purpose.

Significance of the Study
In this chapter, the researchers have listed down the objectives in conducting the study. The significance of the study serves as the guidelines and reasons of how the researchers are going to conduct the study. And with the help of these significant factors, it will be a lot easier for the researchers on how to prepare the questionnaire that has reference to the topic of this research work. The significances of the study are the following:

1. To know what are the reasons of the students that affect their way in achieving learning. 2. To know how these reasons will affect the student in their way of learning. 3. To know the different reasons why students are not achieving learning. 4. To know the behaviour in every factor that affects the learning of the students.

Through this research, the deficiency in students’ knowledge and other related studies that needs improvement and progress mostly in the universities and other school offers Education course.
The intention of this research is to give additional yet essential information about hindrances in the studying and learning of students. This could be used as a part of the basic teachings for students who are taking up the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education because this study can be applied to the profession they are aiming to.

The information held inside this research study can be a great help, not only...
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