Topics: Christianity, God, Religion Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: February 18, 2014

My religious paradoxical inquisition is in essence, faith.

I was raised a Christian, my father’s side more devout in their faith then my mothers. I was baptized in the Presbyterian Church in Laramie, Wyoming. I was around six months old. As a child I went to Sunday school, sometimes because I had to, sometimes because I wanted to. This continued until I was old enough to have other activities that conflicted. Because I had first hand experience within the Latter Day Saint culture while briefly living in Utah, religion always had a certain allure to it. While in Utah my sense of wonderment towards Christianity seemed to diminish while my skepticism of all religion increased. In my jaded beliefs it is no longer fair to call myself a Christian; however, I believe I still am one.

Is it that I am too skeptical to be so blasphemous as to reject Christianity? I am not admitting that I am an agnostic. Christianity appears not only in my actions and thoughts, but also in my subconscious dream state, a state which mirrors the divine and reveals a desire for divination, and an unhealthy fear (though some would say healthy fear) of the Devil. Because I am unsure how dreams correlate to reality, I ponder in theory and thought. Scratching my chin, gazing at the stars; perhaps the strongest connection I have to Christianity is the desire to have a connection to something greater than anything I can literally perceive. My faith is infinite in that I believe in almost all possibilities until I have tangible proof otherwise.

Presbyterian theology embodies the sovereignty of God and the Bible’s authority (1007 C.6). What I find troubling about these beliefs is not so much that there is a God, but that God is believed to be omnipotent. Why does Presbyterian theology include reference to the Bible’s and God’s authority? If God created everything, what created God? Humans can comprehend the existence of God only because it is important to the human...

Cited: Protestant Religion and Presbyterian Church Act, 1707.
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