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Topics: American football, Canadian football, American football positions Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Football is my favorite sport ever invented. There are many reasons why I love football. The game has great players, there is strategy needed to play, and any team can win at any time, so there is no predictability. Football just like any other sport can also be very dangerous or harmful. There are various forms of positions you can play also. There are many positions you can play in this sport. Every position in this sport is very important. My favorite position is being the wide receiver which allows me to make plays and be explosive on the offensive side of the ball. They to me have the most important position in the game. A quarterback is also an important position in the sport. Without a good quarterback, a wide receiver cannot be successful. There are various forms of football. My favorite form of football is American football. Football is a very competitive sport; football can also be a violent sport. A player in this particular sport has to be fitted with the proper equipment in order to be safe. The equipment worn is to protect players from serious and in some instances career ending injury. In this particular sport there are many safety procedures. The equipment that football players wear helps out a lot. The helmet protects your brain from being damaged. Then there is all the padding that you have to wear. The shoulder pads keep your torso safe from severe injuries. The cleats are one of the most important pieces of equipment. They allow you to run and make all the cuts and spin moves that you need to make. They also give that elusiveness that is needed to break a big play. Football is my favorite sport for many reasons. It’s a fair game, and you need to think while playing. But we also need to remember that football can be dangerous if played recklessly. So when playing football the proper padding and safety precautions should be taken. Being a wide receiver in my opinion is the most fun and important position in the game. So when playing be safe...
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