Filipino and Foreign Chemists

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1.) William Padolina
William Padolina, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, is a man of exceptional vision who sees clearly the whole socio-economic panorama unfolding and understands the implications of the crests and troughs in the pre- millenium landscape. The contributions of William Padolina in chemistry include research into the derivatives of coconut fatty acids. He is also well known for his many awards and years teaching.

2.) Clara-Lim Sylianco
Clara Lim- Sylianco is a Filipino scientist who researched about the Mutagens, Anti-Mutagens, Carcinogenic chemicals found in various fruits and vegetables. Dr. Clara Y Lim-Sylianco is a Filipino chemist, who has written several notable books and is renowned for her research into mutagens, anti-mutagens and other reactions related to bio-organic issues. Her research was primarily focused around the chemicals found in fruits and vegetables. Her findings led to the popularization of the 'Coconut Oil' diet.

3.) Felix Maramba
Felix Maramba - Known For:
Felix Maramba built a coconut oil-fueled power generator. He also is the developer of one of the world's most profitable biogas systems. Felix Maramba - Other Achievements:
Felix Maramba is the president of the Philippine Association of Flour Millers, Inc. Felix Maramba wrote: Biogas and Waste Recycling, The Philippine Experience. Benefits of Biogas Systems:
* Less pollution of the air and waters
* Improves local economics
* Increases productive of land by recycling systems of farming * Filipino Inventors & Filipino Scientists

4.) Armando Kapauan
Amando Kapauan - Filipino Chemist:
(July 4, 1931 – October 12, 1996) Amando Kapauan was a Filipino chemist who specialized in environmental chemistry. He is best known for his 1970s research on the effect of heavy metals analysis on the environment, in particular mercury in waters, fish and soil of the Philippines. Later in his career, Amando Kapauan began inventing new chemical instrumentation. Kapauan redesigned instruments to work with desktop computers that were just starting to become popular, with the help of his best students who would write the software.

5.) Ramon Barba
Ramon Barba - Best Known For:
Filipino scientist, Ramon Barba is best known for his advancements in mango farming research and tropical tree physiology. Ramon Barba invented techniques to promote crop flowering using a potassium nitrate spray. The Philippines is a leading exporter of mangoes and mango products. Ramon Barba - Other Accomplishments:

Ramon Barba has advanced the research for many tropical crops including bananas, cassava, sugarcane on plant physiology and plant breeding.

6.) Luz Oliveros
Filipino chemist, Luz Oliveros Belardo researched the phytochemical properties of plants in the Philippines for natural products, essential oils, and the medicinal qualities. She produced thirty-three extractions of essential oils used for flavoring, scents, and herbal medicines.

7.) Francisco Quisumbing
Francisco Quisumbing is a Filipino chemist known for being the inventor of Quink ink used by The Parker Pen Company. He graduated from the University of Chicago under the American pensionado program. He went back to the Philippines after World War II but was unable to organize the Philippine Ink Corporation under the Japanese Reparations Program because of too much government intervention. Quink stands for Quisumbing Ink. However, Parker states that the name is an amalgam of "quick and ink"

8.) Ernesto Del Rosario
Filipino chemist, Ernesto Del Rosario is best known for his achievements in biotechnology and applied physical chemistry. He has invented methods of alcohol production from cellulosic and starchy materials, a method of continuous-flow alcohol fermentation process, and a method of yeast production from waste coconut water.

10.) Lani Rose Mateo
Lani Rose Mateo a student of the Philippine science high school...
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