Final Case Study Jennifer

Topics: Feeling, Self-concept, Mother Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Jennifer’s Case study

By Tammy Agerton

1.What are the causes of stress in Jennifer’s life? The causes of stress in Jennifer’s life are: Well for starters she just had a miscarriage and that can be stressful with continuing to try again. Also because her mom passed away she now has stress over worrying about her father. She’s also stressing over putting him in a nursing care facility against his will. How is stress affecting Jennifer’s health ? There are many ways stress can affect our lives just doing everyday things. One way that stress is affecting Jennifer’s health is she’s getting physical symptoms. She’s been getting headaches, backaches, and also indigestion. When someone is stressed when it’s too much it does tend to affect you physically. Jennifer is a codependent person. She’s a person who does everything for everyone else. She’s not happy until the people around her are happy. She’s the type that wants to do everything for everyone else. Trying to do everything for everyone else can become a very stressful situation for anyone. 2. How are these stressor affecting Jennifer’s self-concept and self esteem? Right now she is actually questioning how she is as a worker now compared to the way she was. She is also questioning how she is as a future mother and also as a wife. Jennifer is the type of person who puts pride in everything that she does. She believes that she has to be the best in everything that she does. She has to be number one or she thinks that she’s a failure. Which eventually can start bringing down her self esteem. No one can always be perfect with everything and until she realizes that everything that she doesn’t succeed in her self esteem is going to continue to go down. As her self esteem lowers it’s going to take even more to meet her potential and personal goals that she sets for herself. By these changes it could turn I can do anything to I can’t do anything. Because of her self...
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