Final paper (Disney)

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Final Research Paper (Disney)

Disney, uncontested, is the most famous and the most recognized name in the entertainment theme parks industry in the world. Walt Elisa Disney concept of self-contained work groups, dated back in the 1920's, was the start toward the beginning of a successful organization. Walt Elisa Disney’s concept toward its organizations’ behavior launched a trend that shaped the look of Walt Disney entertainment theme parks around the globe. The concept itself forces competing amusement parks to change its image in which, entertainment theme parks became a trend. A large part of Disney success is not losing its sense of purpose brought to life by its founder Walt Elisa Disney. In my research of Disney, I will show how a successful organization maintained its successful status in the entertainment amusement theme park industry. I will attempt to uncover the culture of Disney, present its organizational structure, and its communications practice.

The idea of viewing organizations as cultures-in, which there is a system of shared meaning among members-is relatively recent phenomenon. Until the mid 1980s, organizations were, for the most part, thought of simply as rational means by which to coordinate and control a group of people. They had vertical levels, departments, authority relationships, and so forth. But organizations are more. They have personalities too, just like individuals. They can be rigid or flexible, unfriendly or supportive, innovative or conservative (Stephen Robbins 2005, p484 Para 3).

One intricate part of Disney’s success is due to its organizations culture. The culture of Disney, it captures people dreams and imaginations by bringing them to life. The theory of real-life imaginations coming to reality reminds me of a well-known philosopher by the name of Renee Descartes. “Renee Descartes was a French mathematician, philosopher, and physiologist that we owe the first systematic account of the mind/body relationship” (Robert H. Wozniak, 1992), in addition, Renee Descartes is better known for his statement, I am thinking therefore I exist. The theory behind the culture of Disney, I believe, has much to do with Walt Elisa Disney theory of bringing to life fictional characters of his imaginations and dreams. Before venturing into the intrinsic parts of what motivates employees at Walt Disney’s theme parks around the globe, let us find out about the culture of the organization. The best place to start, let us learn a little about the man who started it all, Walt Elias Disney. Walt Elias Disney is the culture of Walt Disney. Walt Disney’s around the globe is every component of Walt Elisa Disney imagination and his fictional characters has became apart of human culture. This fact presents why knowing Walt Elias Disney will set the basis of Disney’s organizations culture. As a child Walt Elisa Disney began sketching and “doodling pictures of animals, and nature” (Just, 2002, p 2 Para2). This hobby was due to Walt’s environment he was raised in, the countryside of Marceline, Missouri. When Walt became a teen he took a job with is uncle working on the railroad, “selling newspapers, popcorn, and sodas to travelers (Just, 2002, p2 Para 3). This is where Walt developed a passion for building train sets, and in doing so, Walt would often reflect on the time working on the railroad. He would reminisce of the freedom he felt being on those trains (Just, 2002). Walter began expanding his interest and talents; he would divide his time between drawing and photography. At night Walt would attend the “Academy of Fine Arts” (Just, 2002, p 2 Para 5), there is where he would advance his skills as an artist, and better understand his craft. “During these carefree years of country living young Walt began to love, and appreciate nature and wildlife, and family and community” (Just Disney, 2002, p2 Para 7). Walt continued to add to his personal resume by...
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