Fireproof Marriages

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 28, 2009
Fireproof was a really good movie. It shows a marriage going wrong between a firefighter Caleb and his wife. The movie had showed how an intimate relationship with God can save a marriage that is just about to break up. It also showed what goes wrong in a marriage if the couple do not look for God to help them. Many scenes in the movie related to me in my life and many of them related to my parents’ lives in their marriages.

The scene were they were both fighting at the beginning reminded me of my parents. When I was little and when my parents were still together my parents used to argue constantly. It seems like everywhere I turned they were bumping heads or every time I talked to one of them, they would say something rude about each other. They seemed completely incompatible. In the movie, Caleb and his wife would constantly fight and argue. They would get extremely loud with one another. The wife was blaming him of never being home, always being lazy, and always saving money for a boat (which his wife thought was a very stupid idea). Caleb, her husband, always complained to her about her always getting on his case. He also complained to her how he felt like he always felt like a stranger in house and how he never felt welcomed in his own house. Like my parents, they seemed completely incompatible. It started to make me think that if my parents had a little bit more faith in their marital life and trust in their marriage, they might have been able to avoid their split up.

I related the salt and pepper scene with my own life. Maybe not in a relationship or marriage way, but in my relationship with God. I can be the salt and God can be the pepper or vise versa. A reltionship between God and I should never be split. It is there to stay. Like at dinner, a marriage, or a simple relationship with God the two should never be split up. Sometimes I feel like I am drawing away from God and sometimes I feel like I purposely try to draw myself...
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