Forced Marriages

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Forced Marriages – Room 101

Has tradition gone too far? What tradition, the tradition of forced marriages. It is an unpleasant tradition of forced marriages, which still sadly, exists in this modern world. This form of pairing, affects mainly the young British Asian girls/women in the UK. Not only does this happen here, but also in many parts of the world due to tradition that goes back to centuries. The practice of forced marriage was very common amongst the upper classes in Europe until the 1900s, but is still a growing problem around the world. Forced marriages can often be confused with arranged marriages. Arranged marriages differ from forced marriage, as an arranged marriage would be arranged by someone other than the couple getting wedded. A forced marriage is a marriage in which one is married without his or her consent, or against his or her will. This tradition is still practiced in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. In most but not all forced marriages, it is the female (rather than the male) who is the involuntary spouse. Men and women are still not completely equal in this world, and this upsets me knowing that I am growing up in an unbalanced society where women are constantly being prejudiced against men, which is why I think forced marriages should go into Room 101.

And what is the government actually doing to stop or help young girls being forced into marrying strangers or in some cases their own first cousins? Action must be taken now.

The tradition of arranged marriage is central to the social systems of the community, and in particular to the system of honour. Marriages negotiated by community elders view the union as bringing together two families, rather than two individuals. Forced marriages are generally made because of family pride and the wishes of the parents. In many circumstances, the daughter must do everything the father tells her to do. The parents would constantly imprint the idea that the family’s social standing or image is worsening. This manipulation causes the child to feel that they cannot let the family down, as they fear getting rejected by them. In worst cases, the child or woman would become a victim to mental, physical or sexual abuse in order to keep quiet about the arrangement of marriage. In some instances victims have even been murdered. Many cases involve the person thinking that they are going on a holiday to their home country, but in fact it won’t be a holiday at all. They are left abandoned by people who they thought they could trust. They end up facing life with a stranger, living there in distress, misery and hell for the rest of their lives. Because of this, many organizations have been introduced to the victims of forced marriages. It is quite rare that a young woman who has been forced to marry has escaped the “marriage”, and had returned back home. Because of their experience, they have the urge to want to help the hundreds of girls facing forced marriages. These organizations help, advise and comfort those who are subjected to the forced marriages which should be recognized as a “crime”. Public awareness had started to become more acknowledged, as there are things such as warning signs which start to follow on a forced marriage, suspicions about parents or suspicions on going on these ‘so-called’ holidays. But I think the Government needs to tighten in order to prevent this from happening because not much is known about this issue. It is a crime against humanity.

We all know how religion and old traditions oppresses women in the most degrading and the most outrageous forms. Don’t you think it is about time to do something to ensure a women’s well being? Don’t you think it is about time to “CRIMINALISE” any forced marriages? We have paid respect to ancient tradition for so long and ignored the rights of the children and women.

There is always an argument on any subject. One should not be biased, but in some circumstances, the...
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