Foreign Literature

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1. Foreign Literature

In an article entitled “Computer Technology in the Social Studies” states that within the social studies, technology has served a dual role as an important instructional tool that may have a significant effect on the global, political, social, and economic functioning of American society. As both a method of instruction and a topic of instruction, the impact of computers and technology on social studies is immense. However, the extent to which this potential is being fully realized in the social studies classroom has not been sufficiently explored. Technology-based learning has the potential to facilitate development of students' decision-making and problem solving skills, data processing skills, and communication capabilities. Through the computer, students may gain access to expansive knowledge links and broaden their exposure to diverse people and perspectives; hence, affording students the opportunity to become active participants in an increasingly global and interactive world. The technological shift in society has occurred very rapidly, and the field of education is attempting to keep up the pace. Recent advances now allow computer technology to serve many more functions for the social studies classroom than merely accessing information through the Internet (Berson, 1996; Diem 2000; Mason et al., 2000). For educators to fully take advantage of the technology available, the technology must be infused more into daily instruction and not used as a mere appendage during one or two lessons (Berson, 1996).
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