Format of a Laboratory Report

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Format of a Laboratory Report

Your laboratory report should be divided into the following sections. Be sure to label each section!


A brief statement of the purpose of the experiment. This is also a good place to show relevant structures and chemical equations.

II.Experimental Procedure

A brief outline of the experimental procedure. Be particular about reporting the amounts of materials used and any modifications made to the original procedure (avoid simply copying the original procedure).

III.Results and Discussion

This section is the most important. Include observations such as appearance of the reaction, color of product, etc. If the experiment was a preparative one, you should also report your percent yield:

Percent Yield = Actual or experimental yield in grams (or moles) X 100
Theoretical or calculated yield in grams (or moles)

Show all of your calculations! Graphs should be done on graph paper.

Note: Our lab manual contains a "Data Report Sheet" for each experiment. You may record your results here and include this sheet at this stage of your report. The discussion part comes from you! Were your results what you expected? If, not, can you suggest reasons why not? If you took a melting point of a compound you synthesized, what is the true, or "literature" melting point? How well does your melting point compare? What does your melting point indicate about the purity of your compound? Assume that your reader is not entirely familiar with the experiment, so you need to explain clearly.

Your overall evaluation of your results. This is a good place to mention any modifications to the procedure which you feel might improve the outcome of the experiment. V.Answers to Exercises

These questions appear at the end of each experiment in the laboratory manual. Usually you will be given selected "prelaboratory" questions and...
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