Foundation Studies

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Logic, Linguistics Pages: 4 (842 words) Published: April 11, 2013
1001HSL Foundation Studies Assessment 3 Reflective Essay Student Name:________________________________Student ID: ________________ Tutor:____________________________________Tutorial day & time______________ ESSAY 1. Identified and discussed three conceptual dimensions of leisure using ideas found in Lynch & Veal ch 1 and Godbey’s ch.1 (5) No clear understanding of topic. Little or no attempt to form a logical analysis. Some attempt at building an analysis of the three concepts, though mostly descriptive and lacking flow or logical structure. Analytical perspectives on three concepts somewhat shallow. Essay is descriptive, rather than analytical. Structure and flow of argument needs work 3 Clear examples of own leisure & attempt made to link to a concept of leisure. Understands concepts 3 Discussion somewhat shallow. Answer does not refer to material in reading. Structure and flow of argument needs work Good attempt at discussing three concepts & attributing ideas to correct author/s. Sound integration of literature into analysis. Structure could be strengthened in places to communicate argument clearly & succinctly. 4 Clear examples of own leisure that are linked to two of the concepts of leisure & shows analytical understanding of the concepts used 4 Good attempt at discussing why crosscultural conflict needs addressing by managers. Sound integration of literature into argument. . Structure could be strengthened in places to communicate analysis clearly & succinctly. 4 Describes an example of a positive & a negative experience & shows understanding of cross cultural communication in which they occurred Three concepts are discussed with critical analysis of the author/s ideas evident. Demonstrates excellent integration of findings/theory from literature. Argument is both logical and wellstructured 5 Clear examples of own leisure linked to all three conceptual dimensions discussed in an analytical & critical way 5 A rich and critical discussion of why managers...
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