Four Marriages in Pride and Prehudice

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Four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice
"Four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice." Four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice. 25 Apr. 2013 <>. Character reflects one's marriage or attitudes towards love

Four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice

  Thesis sentence: Jane Austen, by describing four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice, expressed her viewpoint that one's character often reflects his or her marriage and attitudes towards love.   The combination of vulgar Collins and mediocre Charlotte results in a despicable marriage. Collins is a vulgar, pompous and rapacious man who is subservient to his parsoness and always arrogant before his inferiors. His pompous and rapacious character determines that his proposal to Elizabeth is a failure. His vulgar and servile character and his ridiculous concept of love lead to his quick marriage with Charlotte. Charlotte is a vain and mediocre girl. Her mediocre character and perception result in her marriage with Collins.   Her vain character brings about her false deion of her married life. The combination of dissolute Wickhame and empty-minded Lydia results in a sex-oriented marriage. Wickhame is a dissolute and cunning villain who is changeable in his love and crazy about money.   1. He is a thoroughgoing money-pursuer and love imposter, which determines the transfer of his love from poor Elizabeth to wealthy Miss. King.   2. His mean character and contemptible behavior bring about his elopement with Lydia.   Lydia is an empty-minded and uncertain flirt who always seeks her own fun and sexual excitement.   Her dissipation and foolishness lead to her romantic deeds with officials in Meryton.   Her ignorance and dissipation lead to her elopement with   Wickhame.

  Their marriage represents capitulation to personal claims.   The combination of pleasant Bingley and mild J ane results in a happy marriage. Bingley is a cordial and simple young man who is easy to approach and constant in love, but he lacks strength and independence in his marriage.   1. His cordial and simple character and his attitudes towards   love lead to his quiet romance with J ane.

  2. His weak and easily-led character lead to his parting with Jane.   Jane is a kind and mild girl with introverted disposition. She is constant in her love but lacks strength and self-confidence.   1. Her kind and mild character and her attitudes towards love determine her steady romance with Bingley.   2. She lacks strength and self-confidence, which makes her readily believe that Bingley loves her no more.   Their marriage is happy.

  The combination of decent Darcy and sensible Elizabeth results in a successful marriage. Darcy is a good man of integrity with proud appearance. He is constant in his love and willing to make sacrifice for his lover. His true love to Elizabeth leads to his first proposal to Elizabeth regardless of her humble family and her inferior position. His decent character and true love to Elizabeth result in the fact that he did his utmost to rescue Wickhame and Lydia from their trouble. Elizabeth is an intelligent and sensible girl, who is self-dignified and prone to hasty judgements. She is also brave and discreet in her love. Her intelligence, bravery and discretion in love bring about the fact that she refused Collins' first proposal against her mother's will. The fact that she is self-dignified and prone to hasty judgement leads to her refusal of Darcy's proposal. Her sensibility and right love concept bring about her successful marriage.   C. Their marriage leads to a reconciliation of personal and social claims.   Character reflects his or her marriage and attitudes towards love ----four different marriages in Pride and Prejudice

  Among all the novels written by J ane Austen, Pride and Prejudice has been valued as the most successful and popular masterpiece. This novel is peopled...
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