From Slavery to Freedom by John Hope Fr

Topics: Slavery, Black people, History of slavery Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 21, 2011
From Slavery to Freedom by john hope fr

Author of From Slavery to Freedom John Hope Franklin is a Negro who conquered and over come many obstacles while growing up and being educated in a time period that blacks had to struggle their way through America. Especially in the Southern region of the Americas blacks were struggling for equality, respect and the abilities to obtain freedoms equivalent to the whites. The Franklin’s book offers several primary sources relating to different events that have occurred in the nineteenth century; most of which pertaining to slavery and the different prospective of the reconstruction period. This works are obviously every valuable to many researchers and students of history, more specifically African history. Even more so that it includes primary sources, with the use of these sources readers of the book and gain a real sense of real life events that were taking place in the time period.

The reading assigned is taken from chapter nine of the book, and this chapter covers Franklin and him first deciding and taking interest in covering the culture and heritage of Negros in America upon the request of Roger Shugg. Franklin aimed to cover the Caribbean and South Africa, which is known for being the two primary places of the slave trade. But around the fourth page of the text given Franklin’s tone starts to shift toward real accounts of ways that blacks were being mistreated in America, a particular line that sticks out in my mind is when Franklin writes, “I have seen them measure out medicine or educate a sick or ignorant white child and ignore a black child with similarly situated”. In reading that my mind is taken to just reflect on how cruel of a period it was for blacks, and not only did it have its affect on the adults but the children were also being victim to the unjust behavior also. It also makes wonder how in that struggle for freedom and later on during the civil rights movements so many blacks were able to keep a...
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