Fundamentals of Speech Communication

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Fundamentals of Speech Communication-SPC 1017
MWF -11AM- Room 1211
Fall 2012/ (Reference# 701863 /3 credits)
August 27th-December 14th, 2011

Instructor: Marva Adams
Phone: 305-237-8623
Room: Bldg. 1800, Suite 311

Monday: 10-10:50am; 12-1:00pm; 4:30-5:30pm
Tuesday: 11:15-12:30pm; 2:05-2:45pm
Wednesday: 10-10:50am; 1-3:00pm; 4:30-5:30pm
Thursday: 11:15-12:30pm; 2:05-2:45pm
Friday: 8:10-8:50am; 10-10:50am

Required Text: Human Communication, 4th Ed., Judy Pearson, Paul Nelson, Scott Titsworth, Lynn Harter.

Course Description: SPC 1017 provides students with the oral communication skills necessary for success in personal, professional and educational settings. Through the study and experiential practice of interpersonal communication, presentational speaking and group dynamics, students will understand the concepts and principles of communication and be able to use them effectively. This course fulfills the Gordon Rule requirement. 3 Credits

Prerequisites and Co-requisites: None

Miami Dade College Learning Outcomes- In order to prepare you for the furtherance of your academic / professional career and your personal growth development, Miami Dade College has created the Ten General Education Learning Outcomes which are essential to the mission of the College. Through the academic disciplines and co-curricular activities, General Education provides multiple, varied, and intentional learning experiences to facilitate the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills and the development of attitudes that foster effective citizenship and life-long learning.” In this course you will be given the opportunity to be exposed to and become proficient in the following Learning Outcomes: 1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking…not necessarily the scientific reasoning component.

4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information. 6. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social responsibilities.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society.

General Course Policies
Attendance: This class is taught in a blended format. We will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays face-to-face. On Fridays, we will not meet and you will have assignments online in ANGEL. Attendance is mandatory for all class meetings. The duration of this course is 16 weeks and attendance will be taken. Students who have 4 unexcused will be dropped from the class. Tardiness is highly discouraged, as it proves to be distracting and disrespectful. Arriving late to class cuts into the time of your instructor and your fellow classmates. Arriving to class late will be counted as a partial absence. If you miss class due to an illness, you must provide a doctor’s note. If you arrive late during a speech, please remain outside until the speaker is finished. Walking in late during the delivery of a presentation will result in 5 points deducted from your final grade.

Make-Ups: Make-ups for all assignments will be dealt with individually. It is your responsibility to contact me with any with emergency situations.

Plagiarism/Academic Misconduct: Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Committee of Academic Misconduct. The instructor reserves the right to use appropriate software or internet resources available to test for plagiarism. All sources must be cited using either the MLA or APA style sheets. Other forms of academic misconduct include cheating, inappropriate or offensive materials or language, classroom disruptiveness, and any other activity listed as misconduct in the Student Handbook.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): If you require special arrangements to execute assigned work, you must register at the...
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