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Building the Future of Education

Building the Future of Education
is made possible with funding in part from:

and collaborative support from:

Copyright Creative Commons
ISBN 978-1-933253-97-8
Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Ecosystem Copyright 2014 American Alliance of Museums


Foreword | Michael Robbins, U.S. Department of Education


About This Convening | Elizabeth Merritt, Center for the Future of Museums, and Paula Gangopadhyay, The Henry Ford


Setting the Stage | Elizabeth Merritt, Center for the Future of Museums


Glimpses of the Future of Education | Katherine Prince, KnowledgeWorks


Time for a Perfect Storm! | Paula Gangopadhyay, The Henry Ford


Igniting a Learning Revolution with The Henry Ford’s Innovation Education Incubator | Paula Gangopadhyay, The Henry Ford


Communities of Innovative Practice
A City-Level Approach to Remake Learning | Gregg Behr, The Grable Foundation 30 Empowering Statewide Museums and Libraries as Integral Educational

Partners | Jeri Robinson, Boston Children’s Museum


Taking It National and Global: A Value-Driven, Project-Based

Learning and Innovative Credit-Earning Model

| Elliot Washor, Big Picture Learning
Needs-Based Systemic Change in the Learning Ecosystem: Students, Teachers and Museums
One Size Does Not Fit All | Nikhil Goyal, Activist and Author


A Student Bill of Rights | Erik Martin, Game Designer and Student Leader


Lessons from a National Education Leader’s Journey | Rebecca Mieliwocki,


2012 National Teacher of the Year

The Challenge of Scaling Up
Museums in an Age of Scale | Michael Edson, Smithonian Institution


Every Child a Changemaker | Laura White, Ashoka


A Call to Action | Elizabeth Merritt and Paula Gangopadhyay


Dispatches from the Future of Education (Additional Reading)


Program Participants



Word cloud of “In 2033 education will be…” thoughts contributed by attendees.


By Michael Robbins, Senior Advisor for Nonprofit Partnerships, U.S. Department of Education

I recently joined my 6-year-old niece for

world-class curriculum standards and

a museum visit. As she combed through

demonstrating that students can succeed in

exhibits, she discovered a drawer on a

the classroom regardless of challenges

display wall, pulled it out and gleefully

they might face outside school. But schools

exclaimed, “OOOOHH! More information!”

can’t and shouldn’t go it alone.

Wouldn’t it be great if we heard this each

Our students need more opportunities

day in classrooms across the nation?

for inquiry-based learning that inspires

Museums can help us get there.

curiosity and fuels their passions. Our
parents need to be better supported as

Dedicated teachers and school leaders

co-learners and learning coaches with their

are advancing education success across

children. Learning needs to better connect

the United States—turning around low-

students to their communities, culture

performing schools, implementing

and history. We need more professionally


Children learn soldering
in MAKESHOP at the
Children’s Museum
of Pittsburgh.
Photo: Ben Filio

trained teachers of all kinds who have the

libraries and after-school programs) they

expertise and dedication to make all of

can offer a broader range of experiences

these things work together. Where can we

for students and build school partnerships

find all these things? Museums!

with greater scale and impact. One such
example is the Hive Learning Networks

How can museums and schools collaborate

(hivelearningnetwork.org) operating in New

to create this new future for education?

York, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Invest in the capacity to manage partner-...
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