Gannon Metaphor

Topics: Individualism, United States, German language Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 3, 2014
The German Symphony
Gannon describes the German culture like a symphony. The Germans have a very rich history of symphonies and orchestras. They have produced some of the greatest conductors and composers of all time. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel are some of the few composers Germany has provided the world. Germans frequent the symphony regularly and many Germans play musical instruments as a hobby to carry on tradition. “German music is not only integral, it is serious; it is not generally an outlet for emotion and craziness as it is in the United States and other societies. Music is foreground, not background.” (Gannon 183). Gannon explains the crucial part symphonies have on the German culture and uses this as a way to describe the various culture dimensions. Just like a conductor at a symphony, German leaders have provided direction and guidance to the German citizens. The Germans have preferred visionary leaders who can divide responsibilities to subordinates throughout the government. This works just like a conductor letting the symphony have its each individual section, but they work together and make a strong and great end product. The symphony also is a great example for the German’s communication style. During meetings there is a steady progress through easily recognizable stages during which timing, speech, and emotions are critical. In business as in music sound, tone, and timing are key to a quality performance. The Educational system in Germany relates to a German symphony as well. In Germany the sequence of schools makes sure that the students take the necessary steps to help reach their occupational support of the German effort. Just like symphony members, the order in the educational system lets the Germans excel individually to make the Germans successful.

Germany and Austria have very different cultural dimensions for being in the same geographical region, but both share differences and similarities to the U.S. Germany, for instance,...
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