Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Gay Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Gay Marriage
Hello Teacher and Classmate,
I want to talk to you about gay marriage I am a pro-gay marriage person. Some people feel as though gay marriage is fine and some people feel as is it the worst thing to do. Gay people aren’t hurting people they go about their business just like everybody else, Then again I understand why people are against gay marriage they don’t want their kids growing up thinking it’s okay to be dating the same sex. If a person is in love with someone then they can’t control it, they are showing their love and affection to the one they love like a man and a woman would. Although a man and a man or a women or women can’t reproduce that is a problem cause they world was made to reproduce but some people don’t want kids or let alone some people cannot have kids so it wouldn’t really make a differences. Listen to this is it’s been said that when a women has a lot of sons the youngest baby boy will have more of a chance of being gay because when in the mother’s womb the body produces Antigens. The body is so use to having boys so it starts giving and gives the baby female hormones. Another reason a person might be gay is because the absent of the father and because the mother is overbearing. It’s even said in nature that the animals are sometimes homosexual like zebras, lions, sheep, horses, and cats and many more its common in nature for gays. It doesn’t say in the bible thou shall not be gay; even ex gay ministries don’t change gay people they say I found god so I’m no longer that’s some people they were gay curious not fully gay pretty much following the leader. Just like you feel as though you can’t live without the one you love they feel the same way if they love the same sex and they are happy and die without the one they want to make theirs that’s not fair because you’re happy and married with the love of your life why can’t they do the same. The people feels as though love is love let it be ,it makes people...
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