Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Same-sex marriage Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 6, 2013
It was Frank Sinatra who sang that “love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other.” Frankie is right. When two people—any two people—are in love, they should be able to openly express their love for each other by becoming married. However, not everyone is legally able to get married. A love shared by two people of the same sex cannot be binding because of petty laws that prohibit gay and lesbian couples to get married. It is ridiculous that two people in love cannot get married and commit to a lifetime together if they are of the same sex. Love is love, need I say more? Many people in today’s society believe gay and lesbian marriage is wrong, and if you are one of them, I am here to convince you otherwise. Gay marriage ensures homosexual couples the symbolic, financial, and medical benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy. When two people are married, they are taking a vow in front of witnesses, claiming that they will be with each other for the rest of their lives. They proclaim and express their love openly as a sign of commitment to each other. Marriage is a very symbolic gesture, and to take that privilege away from two people who are in love is a serious problem. Opponents argue that is against their religion—marriage should be between a man and a woman so that they can pro-create. However, Evan Wolfson, from a gay-advocacy group called Freedom to Marry, argues that “every religion can decide for itself whether to perform or honor any marriage…but no religion should be able to dictate who gets a civil marriage license” (Wolfson). This country was founded and has continued to develop the concept of separation of church and state. It is up to individual religions whether to acknowledge same-sex marriages. However, it is the nation’s responsibility to acknowledge all unions, instead of discriminating couples based on their sex. To infringe upon couples right to civil marriage is a violation of human rights. Gay...
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