Gay Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Lejla Cusic
Ms. Adams
8:30 AM Class

Say Yes to Gay Marriage
If all people were to understand that marriage is a sacred union before God, then half of the problem with gay marriage would be solved. Believers of the Christian faith are one of the largest groups against gay marriage. In the Christian religion, it is considered sinful to have an intimate relationship with a person of the same gender and would certainly be out of the question to consider allowing them to marry. Gay sex is considered unforgivable because it is making a promise to continue sinning for the rest of their lives.  Throughout time, and especially in America, a new meaning has come to be affiliated with not just marriage but other religious traditions such as Christmas and Easter. The fact is that marriage has already been redefined. In order to solve the misunderstanding of what marriage is, it either must be returned to its original meaning coupled with the formation of a new marriage that is separate from religion, or, Christians must accept the fact that marriage is more generalized now and may not be a religious ceremony in certain cases.  America is a country founded on freedom and the idea that all people are created equal. Christians are free to believe that gay and lesbian couples should not marry, but their freedom to believe should not tip the scales of equality. Legalization of same sex marriage should most definitely not be determined by religious standards. Religion is based off of faith, it is not based off of fact, rationality or logic, therefore, any argument stemming from religion should be invalid. A separate union not affiliated with religion but with the same rights of a married couple would solve this problem. This would not mean discrimination through government, it would be discrimination through church allowing a non religious bond. In this solution, the bonding between same...
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