Gay Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Gay Marriage Final Copy
The world today is surrounded with many controversial issues. One such issue would be the topic of gay marriage. There are many pros to gay marriage such as marrying someone you love, and also being able to start a family and live out the American dream. On the other hand there are also many down sides such as being made fun of just for being homosexual, and not being able to have your own kids. Gay marriage is a topic with a lot of pros to why it should be legal and also a lot of cons to why it should still be illegal.

When a couple thinks about getting married one reason why they choose to get married is to have children and start a family. Homosexual couples are the same as heterosexual couple in that they want to be able to raise a child with the person they love. Andrew Sullivan an avid pro-gay marriage writer wrote in the article “For Gay Marriage”, “There is no evidence that shows any deleterious impact on a child brought up with two homosexual parents”. (406) the statement shows that when children are being raised by homosexual parents it doesn’t affect their up- bringing. It also shows that even two people of the same sex can raise a child and show it the same love and affection a child needs just like a heterosexual married couple.

The con side of trying to raise a family as two homosexual parents is the fact that you can’t have your own child. This means that when you want to have a kid you have to adopt because two people of the same sex can’t reproduce. This would be a major con because when people want to have a kid they want the kid to be a product of them and their significant other and not a product of someone else.

Mullins 2
One of the first things a newly married couple does is go and find a place to live. When a couple goes to find a place to live they want to be able to feel comfortable in the place they are going to be spending a majority of their time. Sullivan states in his article that “Marriage is not...
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