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SLIDE 1: BRIEF ABSTRACT: (name) plays the role of a seminar host informing individuals about the current legal situation relating to same-sex marriage.

SLIDE 2: Good evening esteemed guests and families. My name is .. – Professor of Law and International Relations at the Australian National University and I would like to welcome you all to the 2013 Issues for Families Conference. As most of you may be aware, this seminar will focus on the current legal situation relating to same-sex marriage as well as identifying the stakeholders involved in the contemporary issue and the capacity of legislation to operate effectively. Moreover, I plan to deliver valid and decisive arguments concerning the suitability of legal outcomes, including recommendations for change.

In contemporary Australian society, same-sex marriages are currently not permitted. Furthermore, the Australian government does not recognise marriages between same-sex couples entered into outside the country are not recognised as marriage in Australia (Australian Marriage Equality, 2013). For decades, we have heard that marriage is on the wane, in Australia and across the secular West. The true picture is somewhat more complex. While the marriage rate is falling, marriage remains the preferred living arrangement for adults in Australia, despite the views often expressed publicly regarding marriage. In order to grasp a comprehensive understanding pertaining same-sex marriage, it is intrinsic to ask ourselves, what is marriage?

SLIDE 3: The 1866 English case of Hyde v Hyde and Woodmansee [L.R.] 1 P&D 130 (Biggs, J. Black, A. Owens, D. Woodgate, R. 2007) provided the definition of marriage which is still applied in Australian law. In that case Lord Penzance provides an explicit definition of how marriage is defined under Australian law. Penzance stated, ‘I conceive that marriage, as understood by Christendom, may be defined as the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others’. SLIDE 4: Prior to June 2012, under Queensland law, same-sex couples could have a ‘civil union’. (Mitchell asks, ‘what is a civil union’.) Excellent question, civil union is a generic term that includes a registered partnership, a civil partnership, and all other formally-recognised personal unions (Biggs, J. Black, A. Owens, D. Woodgate, R. 2007). Intrinsically, it was the only avenue for a same sex couple to attain official recognition of their relationship. Undoubtedly, the primary reason for the Federal government developing civil unions was for the purpose of federal entitlements. However, on 22 June 2012 the Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Partnerships and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012. The new legislation came into effect on 27 June 2012 and amended the Civil Partnerships Act 2011, renaming it the Relationships Act 2011. Under the changes, same-sex couples would still be able to register their relationship with the government, but would no longer be able to have a state-sanctioned declaration ceremony. The primary reason as to why the state government made amendments to the Act was that Christian churches were most offended by the provisions of the act which sought to ‘emulate marriage’. Since we have now scrutinised the current legal situation relating to same-sex marriage, I will now present a segment featuring Finance Minister Penny Wong and Greens MP Adam Bandt for same-sex marriage and Jim Wallace member of the Australian Christian Lobby and Liberal frontbencher Kevin Andrews maintain Australia’s current definition of marriage.

SLIDE 4 AND THEN SLIDE 5: (MUST EXIT PP) Videos play for approximately 4.10 minutes s

SLIDE 6: As you now understand the arguments for and against same-sex marriage, we will now look at valid and decisive arguments concerning the suitability of legal outcomes, including recommendations for change. SLIDE 7: The failure of...

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