Gay Marriage

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The Obstacles of Gay Marriage in America
SOC 120
July 22, 2013

The Obstacles of Gay Marriage in America
There have been both staunch opponents along with those in favor of gay marriage in America for quite some years. For many in this country they feel that it is morally wrong for a man to lay with a man or women to lay with women. Many people who are against gay marriage have arrived to their views primarily from a Biblical perspective. While others who are in favor of gay marriage can also counter what the anti-gay marriage people believe by stating that only God should be the one to judge who should or should not be married. Pro-gay marriage groups can also quote the Bible and tell those who are against gay marriage, that the Bible also says thou shall not judge ("Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged", n.d.). I find it interesting when people use the Bible for their own interpretations in order to make their view seem valid. What some people discover is that sometimes their interpretation of the Bible can be countered with another person interpretation. This is the reason why I have always felt that it is a good idea to keep the Bible out of the conversation of gay-marriage and to simply stick to other points that help prove a person’s validity on their views. By understanding and applying ethical theories to issues that we may feel strongly for or against helps to give us all a clearer understanding of why we may have a certain opinion on a subject. Using the ethical approach to reasoning also helps us understand why others may also feel the same way we do about an issue as well as why a person may have an opinion that is very different from our own. The importance of ethical reasoning cannot always teach us what is right or wrong, but instead why we may feel something should be right or wrong. If America is truly a land of the free and home of the brave, with liberty and justice for all, than how could our American government in good consciousness oppose a gay person’s human rights and what should be a basic American freedom like getting married? America cannot truly be considered as equal to all if all of its citizens are not given the same rights. It does not matter that the gay population may only make up a small part of our society. They are still a part of our society and for this reason they must be given the same rights afforded to all other American couples who wish to spend the rest of their lives with a loved one. Viewing gay marriage from the ethical approach of utilitarianism can be seen as a sign of the changing times in America. According to the latest polls taken in America, over half of all Americans believe that gay marriage should be legal in this country ("Poll: Supreme Court decisions in sync with Americans on gay marriage but not Voting Rights", 2013). Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that determines the moral value of an act in terms of its results and if those results produce the greatest good for the greatest number (Mosser, 2010). Considering the theory of utilitarianism while factoring in statistical data that shows more than 55% of Americans believe that gay people should be able to marry than it would seem that our government should be on board with passing the law allowing Gay couples the right to be married. By using the ethical theory of utilitarianism than it is safe to say that not allowing gay couples the right to marry in American can easily be seen as un-American. The United States of America Declaration of Independence states "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” ("Declaration of Independence - Text Transcript", 1776). Never has a statement in American history been so right and yet so wrong when it comes to gay people in America. If the statement above reins true than how could gay couples ever have a chance to pursue this type of happiness if they are not allowed to marry the ones that they love? It is a simple answer, they cannot actually pursue...

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