Gay Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 9 (3274 words) Published: January 27, 2014

Annotated Bibliography: Obstacles and Reasons for Gay Marriage Part One: Topic Overview and Questions Guiding Research:
I chose to execute research on the topic of Gay Marriage, and to explore the controversy between gay marriage, the obstacles, and the reasons for why and why not marriage. Many people who are against Gay Marriage believe that it redefines that definition of marriage, it would lead to other types of marriages to occur, it’s against religion, or it’s not about happiness, it’s about freedom, but I have friends in homosexual couples who would say otherwise. My questions about this topic are: Is marriage really about happiness or freedom? Why can’t marriage be “redefined” to include two men or two women? Does the Church think that marriage is a mere “instrument” for having children? Part Two: Thesis and Setting Up the Conversation

When it comes to the topic of Gay Marriage, and the acceptance and disagreement from politics and religions, most of us (in California at least) will readily agree that homosexuals have the right to be married to the same sex. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how long it will take the rest of society and the world to accept this situation. Whereas some religions and politicians are convinced that allowing gay couples to marry will then further weaken the institution of marriage. Others believe that gay marriage could potentially lead to giving people in polygamous, bestial, objectum sexuality and other nontraditional relationships the right to wed. Also, marriage should not be prolonged to same- sex couples, because this eliminates the opportunity to produce children together. What most of us overlook, however, is the chance for happiness and true love. Source #1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a. MLA citing:

Buckley, Cara. "Gay Couples, Choosing to Say 'I Don’t"" The New York Times Company, 25 Oct. 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2013.
Butman, Steven. "Boycott The New York Times Petition :: Boycott The New York Times." Boycott The New York Times RSS. Accuracy in Media, 25 Nov. 2009. Web. 20 Nov. 2013. b. Summary:
The article “Gay Couples, Choosing to Say ‘I Don’t” from The New York Times Company publication online discusses the various decisions of homosexuals to wed or not due to the aftermath of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passing in June. Surprisingly enough, a decent portion of gay couples have made the decision to not marry, and their reasons are just as complicated and personal as any decision to wed, even though they have the same rights and

accountabilities of straight married couples. Buckley explains why homosexual couples make the choice to not marry is because of past relationship situations. According to the article, gay studies pioneer and professor of gender and women’s studies John D’Emilio sees no need to marry his partner Jim Olseon, who was once married to a women. Mr. D’Emilio stated, “We love each other and have lived together for 30 years…Why do we need to get married?” (qtd. in Buckley, 5). Another reason why gay couples agree to not wed is because “they privilege couples and stigmatizes singles,” said Stephanie Schoeder (qtd. in Buckley, 2). This decision is not because of religion interference, it’s simple because they do not believe in marriage. “I don’t want to deny anybody the right to marriage…But I don’t really want it to exist” (qtd. in Buckley , 3). Filmmaker John Waters connotated his definition of Gay Marriage by believing “the privilege of being gay is that we don’t have to get married or go in the Army” (qtd. in Buckley, 5). Longtime same-sex couples also have practical reasons for not marrying. Ms. Bernstein cited herself and her partner as an example of already having their households and assets entwined. “They already have share legal rights as co-parents, the full support of neighbors and peers and an unwavering commitment to each other,...

Bibliography: Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Issue. Rpt. from "Do We Have a Constitutional Right to Ban
Gay Marriage?" 2011
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