Gay Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Family, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: March 10, 2014
​In the story by Robert Benne and Gerald Mcdermott “Speaking out: Why Gay Marriage Would Be Harmful”, it asks “How would the legalization of gay marriage harm current and future heterosexual marriages?” In “Who Cares if Gays Marry?” by Gregory Blair, it speaks of Americans being the ones who care the most about gay couples marrying each other. ​So going back to the question, “How would the legalization of gay marriage harm current and future heterosexual marriages?” Benne and Mcdormott both believe there are compelling reasons why the gay marriage would be. 1) bad for marriage, 2) bad for children, and 3) bad for society. 1. First the acceptance of gay marriage would be the very definition of marriage itself. In every Western society marriage has meant the life-long union of a man and women. The ultimate goal for the gay couples is the societal acceptance of gay marriage. 2. Gay marriage will be bad for children. According to an article “Child Trends”, “it clearly demonstrates that family structures matter for children, and the family structure that helps the most is a family headed by two biological parents in low-conflict marriage.” Research has also shown that children raised by homosexuals were more dissatisfied with their own gender, suffer a greater rate of molestation within the family, and have homosexual experiences more often. ​Gay marriage will also encourage teens who are unsure of their sexuality to embrace a lifestyle that suffers high rates of suicide, depression, HIV, drug abuse, STDs, and other pathogens. 3) Gay marriage will be bad for society. Society is already having trouble maintaining wholesome stability in marriage and family life. The majority of people define marriage as the life-long union of a man and women. (Benne and Mcdormott, 301-303) ​In “Who Cares if Gays Marry?”, Blair says Americans care the most about gays marrying. Opponents claim that gay marriage is against definition, against God and against American values. The...
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