Gay Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (1050 words) Published: November 21, 2014
I. Intro- Is same-sex marriage immoral, bad, illegal, etcetera or is it just a natural born right? A. Attention getter- We are one nation, under god; born with certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS, right? B. Thesis- I personally believe in gay marriage, who is anyone to say who can and cannot be together. C. Tie to audience- Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents told you that you were not allowed to see that said other person? What if you loved that person? What if you wanted to marry that person and you were told “No”? How would you feel…completely hopeless? That is exactly what gay couples face every day of their lives. D. Credibility statement- I was raised to be open minded and to know and respect the fact that everybody is different and to love them non-the-less. I believe in freedom and with that come the freedom to choose. Denying gay couples the right to marry, divorce and remarry is in direct violation of the 14th amendment and a complete contradiction to our so called “free” country. E. Review points- Society and naysayers’ have given several reasons for their stance against same-sex marriage, including ones such as; pro-creation, “morality”, certain political aspects, and the biggest of all religion. However, activist and the rest of society defend gay marriage as our natural and constitutional rights. II. Body-

A. Main Point/1st problem- Is pro-creation a valid reasoning against gay marriage? 1. Evidence- Many say that marriage is to be between, one man and one woman because the only way to further life is by pro-creating. This yes, is true. However it is not taken into consideration that there are children being born every day that are being aborted and given up for adoption by men and women who have pro created. Yet you do not see gay couples recklessly creating and destroying lives. Still, when the topic of gay marriage comes about it is argued that, two...
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