Gay Marriage and the Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Marriage Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Why Hate Love?

Almost every human being is born with rights. Regardless of how extensive these rights are, rights are given none-the-less. Most people would think that being allowed to love the person you are in love with would be a right, right? Wrong. In Andrew Sullivan’s The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage, he helps to expose the verbal and non-verbal abuse that homosexuals couples are forced to endure day-to-day. Most of the defamation is unseen to the public, which would seem to make it even more painful. The only thing that same sex couples are trying to achieve is their right to be treated the same as other couples in the United States. Unless you have truly been in the situation personally, what gives anyone the right to judge?

Like many straight couples, same sex couples just want to happily live their lives with the person they love. They do nothing but mind their own business and go on with their day to day routines. Yet, living a normal American life isn’t as easy for them. A major struggle for all homosexuals who have finally found their 'life partners’ is that they still don’t have the marriage rights that straight people do. Even though they have started their own wedding ceremonies, they still don’t get the same spouse rights as straight couples. There are very few places that same sex couples can even attempt to tie the knot. In Sullivan’s article, he points out that three of Canada’s provincial courts ruled that denying gays the right to marrying was a violation of their constitutional commitment to civil equality (Sullivan 577). The United States government says that every citizen of the United States shall receive equal rights. Yet, if thats true, then why did they pass an act prohibiting the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages as actual marriages? There have been numerous court cases and an immense amount of protests, yet same sex couples still haven’t gained the right to say ‘I do’ to the person that...
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