Gay Marriage Ethics Paper

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 6 (2488 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Gay Marriage
Soc 120
Amy Lyons
June 27, 2011
Just because someone doesn’t love the same way as you do does not make them wrong or make them crazy, it makes them unique. Majority of people around the world feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that gays should not have that right because they believe being gay is morally wrong. If being gay is morally wrong then why are their gay people? That is like saying being white is morally wrong. People honestly who believe this don’t really stop and think outside the box and think that what is in the bible is right. If you look at the ethical reason behind why people believe that gay marriage is wrong, it is purely due to discrimination. There are no real reasons why gay marriage should not be allowed, there are only reasons based on opinions, and one's own bias reasoning. When looking at gay marriage and deciding if it is right or wrong some people will be debating this for years. There are reasons why it may be considered wrong but again the Bible says that God loves all his children, but just like our parents, he does not have to agree to the choices they make. It is wrong to deny someone his or her basic human and civil rights, which is stated in the constitution. There are no easy ways out of this debate and determining whether it is right or wrong, but there is comprise that can happen with discussions on the subject. So who is right and who is wrong, to me it determines who you are and how you were raised. So after reading the facts and opinions, where do you stand on this social issue? So can someone really choose who they love? The ethical theory that provides the best support for same-sex marriage is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism suggests that there is an obvious solution that is fair, and it may be one that appeals to common sense as well. If we can mix races, and people can get married just because why can’t homosexuals have the same right? What makes people so afraid of allowing same-sex marriage? However, that cannot be proven true due to the fact that some couples are infertile and cannot produce children. Would these couples then not be able to get married, since they cannot produce offspring? Society would not go for that. There are those people in our society that marry just to gain money, social status, or citizenship. Should these people not be allowed to marry? Since we can't know the reasons for marriage, we can't control why they happen, so gay marriages shouldn't be any different.

It is said that gay marriage is "unnatural," but what does that really mean? It can be assumed to mean that since gay marriage is not of the common way of doing things, it must be incorrect and looked down upon by our society that strives for perfection. Yet, if you look at our nature, our mother nature, you won't see any perfection at all. Since homosexuality is in dogs, lions, cows, etc., is quite common and regular, you can no longer say that gay marriage is unnatural because nature, in itself, is unnatural.

There are also men and women in our country who have undergone sex change operations. They have the genetic code of one sex, but the physical traits of the other. Who would they be allowed to marry? If a man that had a sex-change married a man, would it be considered wrong, since the man still has the original reproductive organs and may still be considered to most as a male? Or would it be even more wrong for a man that looks like a woman to marry another woman? Since our society is so judgmental on what is right and wrong, the answers to these questions may never found. Also, there are some men who suffer from a disease called "Testicular Feminization." It can be either complete, or incomplete, and when complete, a person who is genetically male, has the outward features of a woman, but has no organs for producing the egg, and may or may not have the organs to produce sperm. These particular people are born with this disease, just as...
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