Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

Topics: Suicide, Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: February 28, 2014
You walk into class and see "pop quiz" written on the board. Everyone sits down and the bell rings for class to begin. The teacher makes an announcement and says 'everyone that is failing my class does not have to take this quiz everyone else grab your pencils.' How do the rest of you feel? How is that fair? How does a grade make me different from the other people? You probably feel discriminated. How does a grade decipher what I get and don't get in life? So how should a gender decipher who you can and can't get married too? Same sex marriage has been illegal in many states for awhile now. Very few states have legalized it. Many many people believe it is not right. Then you have the other people that believe gender should not matter. You love who you love. Ethos:

I'm a student here at Laingsburg just like all of you. I have a few friends who this law would apply to down the road. They walk down the same hallway as me. They eat in the same lunch room as me. But why when it comes to marriage why do they have different rights then me. Personally I think these laws should have never been put in place. Why? That is the question I am always asking myself. Why are they so different then me? Why do they have to suffer instead of me? Why? Why? Why?. What if I told you I was homosexual? What if I came up here and told you I go home and cry everyday and have suicidal thoughts, like most of these people do. Would you feel bad for me? Or would you automatically judge me for who I liked? Now I have a question for am I any different then how I was 15 seconds ago before I told you that? Did I change shape? Did I become a blonde with blue eyes? No. I stayed the same. So how are homosexual people any different then me when they tell us they are homosexual. In this country, it seems to me that we are just moving from one form of discrimination to another. Now that racism is taking its leave, although there are still many cases of it today, we have...
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