Gay marriage persuasive essay

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Gay Marriage in the United States
The debate between whether gay marriage should be legalized or not has been a controversial topic recently. In the past twelve years, equal marriage rights have been legalized in 6 states of the U.S.. Eighteen states do not allow gay marriage and do not recognize civil unions. The other twenty six states allow civil unions, and some are debating legalizing gay marriage. Gay marriage should be legal across the United States. Not allowing gay marriage in any state is unconstitutional. If one state is to allow gay marriage, then the people that get married in that state are supposed to be legally married in all other states of the United States (Hertz). The constitution states, in article 5, that anything that a person performs in one state legally cannot be prosecuted if that person were to move to another state where it is not legal. Meaning that all of the gay marriages that take place in states where it is legal, are supposed to be legal everywhere else in the United States. Many of the arguments against gay marriage are religious, and religion and state are supposed to be separated in the United States (Waldman). The United States is supposed to be run based off of human rights and what works for the government. Many government officials try to run the government based on their religious beliefs, when the officials religious belief should not be taken into consideration on the judgement of gay marriage. The federal Defence of Marriage law was even deemed unconstitutional by one of the judges of the supreme court, Joseph L. Tauro (Michael). The government should be able to follow the rules that had been set hundreds of years ago. It is not acceptable for the government to go against its own words, not allow people to marry due to their religious beliefs when the constitution clearly states that religion and state are supposed to be separated.

Not allowing gay marriage is also discrimination against all of the gay people in the United States. Not allowing gay marriage prevents gay people from gaining government protections that married people gain. It is denying them to file joint income taxes, which makes life much easier for couples that are living together. They are also not allowed to make medical decisions for their spouses if he or she becomes incapacitated and unable to make wishes for treatment (Wolfson). This is not fair to gay couples because they cannot do many of the things that a straight couple can do. For example, government protections provided by marriage apply to straight couples, but do not for gay couples.This story proves that even gay people that are married still do not have the same rights as straight people that are married, “Bradford Wells is being forced to make such a decision. His husband, Australian citizen Anthony John Makk, has only three days to legally live in the United States. If Bradford and Anthony were in a “traditional” marriage, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would bend over backward to keep the couple together. Unfortunately for them, and 26,000 other same-gender, bi-national couples in the US, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) bars federal recognition of same-gender marriages” (Basjil). Gay marriages in the United States should be treated the same as straight marriages. If a straight person marries someone that is not a United States citizen, that person becomes a citizen just by the marriage. It should work the same for a gay marriage, this is discriminating against gay people by not giving them the same rights that straight people receive when married. Arguments against gay marriage are often contradicting or incorrect. The most commonly used argument against gay marriage is that “Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman, and that allowing gay marriage would taint the idea of marriage.” Christians typically argue that gays are an “abomination to God” and that they are condemned to hell, therefore should not be...

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