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Should Homosexual Couples be allowed to Legally Marry?

Rambert Acero
B3- U.S. Gov.
January 16, 2015

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The greatest struggle seen in legalizing marriage for homosexuals is basically that; giving two citizens of the same gender the opportunity to marry one another. In order to not allow homosexuals to fully displease God with their “unnatural acts,” states had created separate institutions for couples. One being known as the domestic partnership and the other as a civil union. There is not much of a difference between the two. Civil unions are defined as legally recognizing unions with rights similar to those of Marriage. Notice I say similar, this is because they are not the same, and are not equal. A civil union comes with no protection or responsibilities once the couple goes out of state and another issue is that these couples receive no federal protection. Simply put, it is unfair and discriminating towards them. Due to the fact that they have a partner of the same gender means no longer being worthy enough to participate in a fundamental institution of our society and being excluded which is horrible. Disrespecting a person’s human dignity and hurting them when all they want is to complete their final step with marriage, yet the privilege is still taken away and treats these American families unfairly through the action of taking a benefit that must be available to all people, but the truth is that it still is not. This must be concerning to the public because no one should ever be treated as a lesser or have rights taken away because of their differences. No one has to be a by stander in this problem, even if it is not something you agree with or like, educate yourself on the issue and do something about it. It can be thought of as a subject you do not like, but once educating yourself on the problems, you understand it better and are capable of finding solutions for the problem. Voting pro-gay marriage does not mean your beliefs have to change with what you choose, because the way you vote is based on how what you feel is best for them, the economy, and you, plus the pro votes give people who struggle, the support they need in completing their families. Without marriage being legal to homosexuals their fifth, ninth, and fourteenth Amendments, and Due Acero 3

Process are being violated by taking away their liberty in having a choice to marry the same gender and denying the rights of a homosexual couples in having the option of marriage. Some of the groups that oppose gay marriage are as follows: The Catholic Church, United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, National Association of Evangelicals, American Baptist Churches of USA, and two orthodox Jewish groups, the Orthodox Agudath Israel of America, the Orthodox Union, and mainstream Islam. The arguments for why gay marriage must stay illegal are because in traditional marriage, it has been used pro creation through the union of a man and woman in order to have children and to bear a family and that is not possible under “Natural Actions” for two sexes of the same gender to naturally create life. If the purpose for marriage was meant to create life, then hetero infertile couples would not be able to become married because their children would not be made naturally and since it is allowed, a couple of the same sex can also do the same, yet it is not allowed and illegal. Another reason for the opposing on gay marriage is that legalizing it could lead down a "slippery slope," a person wanting to marry multiple people, incest, bestiality, and other nontraditional relationships the right to marry. The argument is that it “could”, but it won’t because marriage only takes place with two people, incest will never become legal because of the high chance of giving birth to a child with a sickness or birth defects, bestiality is not given a chance, meaning it...

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