Gay Marriage: A Moral Debate

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 5 (1697 words) Published: October 17, 2013

Gay Marriage: a Moral Debate

The trivial debate on gay rights is long from being resolved because of the large difference in opinion on whether gays should be considered equal. The legalization of gay marriage has been a constant struggle for the last decade and the population still cant seem to reach a logical conclusion. Many are for equal rights for all, while some are still stuck on the definition of marriage or religion. DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, was enacted in 1996 as a federal law aimed at allowing states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. A part of this law also banned same-sex couples from being labeled “spouses” and receiving the deserved federal and state benefits. Same-sex partners could not file taxes jointly, or receive the social security benefits of losing that partner. The battle for these rights takes on three distinctive sides, including equal rights for gays and marriage, for gay rights but not gay marriage, or against gay rights as a whole. Kathy Belge’s “Pro Gay Marriage-Why Gay Marriage Should be Legal” is a personal article aimed at convincing the readers to sympathize with the struggles and hindrances of gay couples. Kathy Belge opens her pro-gay marriage argument with an anecdote concerning a gay couple. After talking about their wedding ceremony, she includes the fact that, “Even though the couple feels committed to each other, they have none of the legal rights that protect other married couples. If Carla becomes ill, Miriam is not guaranteed the right to be with her in the hospital.” That seems like cruel and unusual punishment, right? This opening anecdote succeeds in showing the audience the love and commitment these two women have for one another. Belge touches on the fact that these humans, being the same as everyone else, can’t quite feel normal because of the constant reminders that they are, in fact, legally different. Belge then moves forward to stating facts about gay marriage in other areas of the world. In an extremely straightforward manner, she criticizes the American people by talking about gay marriage in Canada. The Canadian government has over turned the law against gay marriage. Belge doesn’t stop with this argument until she points out that Americans can go to Canada to be wed and come back to the states just to feel inferior once more. This clearly states evidence and support that gay marriage would not ruin our society. Shortly after capturing the audience’s attention with these facts, she throws in the ugly truth that today, marriage does not mean the same as it used to. The sanctity of marriage is not taken seriously and divorce rates are at an all time high. This article spells it out perfectly by saying, “When someone can compete on a television reality show to ‘Marry a Millionaire’, the argument about saving a sacred institution seems kind of pointless.” Kathy Belge hits home for many people by paralleling these all-to-common reality shows to the sacred institution of marriage. Once Belge has made her point clear, she dives into a more sentimental, personal issue: children. Belge starts off by giving the readers a chance to think for themselves. She states that the real issue is not whether a straight marriage would be better for a child, but rather if a child would be better off with two loving parents, regardless of gender. According to Belge, “It can send a message, like it did in the case of one Massachusetts couple, that mommy and mommy don’t really love each other, because if they did, they would get married.” We must think of how unfair this is to the child and how affected that child will be growing up. Belge really pulls at the heartstrings of her readers on this one and leads herself close to victory since the majority of people have children they love and would protect with their life. The article is wrapped up with a final argument consisting of a list of relious affiliations and their stance on accepting...

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