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Topics: Chemistry, John Dalton, Atomic theory Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Ashley Buss
Mrs. Hyde
Aspect 1: Our class conducted 3 experiments to demonstrate, investigate and experimentally verify the Atomic Laws of Dalton's Atomic Theory. In our first experiment, we measured the mass of 2 objects and then added them and measured the combined mass. We did this to learn about the Conservation of Mass. In our second experiment, we took 2 packages of Oreos (regular/double stuf). We weighed the mass to determine the ratio. We did this to model the Law of Multiple Proportions. In our final lab, we took a sample of potassium chlorate and heated it in a crucible to drive off the oxygen. We did this to measure and find the amount of oxygen that was in it. This was to verify the Law of Definite Composition.  

Aspect 2: In our investigation of the Atomic laws we had some major results in all 3 experiments. In the Conservation of Mass Lab, we found that the total combined mass was equal to the original individual masses of the substances. In the Oreo Lab, our ratio result was 2:1. We found that the double stuf is truly (approximately) double the amount of a regular Oreo’s filling. In our final Crucible Lab, our major result as partners was the percentage of oxygen was measured to be 40%. The class' average was 41.3%, when we should have had 39.17%.  

Aspect 3: In each of our labs, we made mistakes, so not all of our results came out 100% accurate. In our first lab, we could have improved our results by using a more accurate scale or being more careful when attempting to release the gases. In the second lab, our ratios may have been off because the crème or the cookie was still attached to the other. We could fix this by freezing the cookies before the lab to prevent the crème from sticking to the cookies. In the final lab, my partner and I came closer to the correct percentage, of 39.17%, than our class’ average did. The reason our percentage could have been off may have been because we did not heat the material long...
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