Gender and Sexuality

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Male Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Name: Stephanie Bangerter

Course: English 750

Date: April 21, 2012

Gender and sexuality


Numerous people have used the terms gender, sexuality and sex interchangeably while others have sought to distinguish the variances that exist between these terms. This debate has been in existence for more than a century. For example, Freud, in 1905, sought to demystify the variances that he perceived existed between sexual and genital. This led to his theory of psychoanalysis focusing on how libido drives the development of a person along a predestined path (Rutter and Schwartz 178). Viewed this way, sexuality became the groundwork of people’s relationships with others. However, numerous scholars, after Freud and in varied fields, including ethology and sociology, have dealt with these distinctions. This has led to the contemporary understanding of these terms. This write up delineates and expounds on the contemporary understanding of the terms, appreciating the variations that exist on the global scale. As revealed in the paper, these terms are unambiguously different but closely related with each influencing the other.


The World Health Organization defined sexuality in a report published in 2004. WHO emphasized that sexuality is a pertinent aspect of the concept of a human being. The report further pointed out that sexuality encompasses sex, gender distinctiveness and functions, sexual bearings, eroticism, desire, affection and reproduction. Further, they indicated that people experience and express sexuality in thoughts, fancies, yearnings, views, approaches, principles, conducts, practices, roles and connections. The combination of these social constructs varies in how dissimilar people experience and express them. Not all are experienced or expressed in all humans. Furthermore, sexuality is affected by the interface between organic, mental, societal, pecuniary, dogmatic, ethnic, moral, legal, historical, religious...
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