General Chemistry, Ionic Reactions

Topics: Ion, Solubility, Nitrate Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Ionic Reactions
Introduction: Today we are going to observe the chemical changes when mixing two solutions. Some will change colors, produce gases proving if the solutions are soluble or insoluble. Materials and Methods: I first pulled out the small wells and place two drops of the Cobalt (II) Nitrate in seven of the wells. I then moved to the next row and placed two drops of Copper (II) Nitrate in the next row, into seven of the wells, and so on with the other three Nitrates. I then cut off the top of the Sodium Phosphate and added two drops to the Cobalt (II) Nitrate and observed the reaction and recorded the results. Then two drops into the Copper (II) Nitrate, observed and recorded, same with the remaining three Nitrates. I then moved to the second row, and place two drops of Sodium Iodine into each of the five nitrate wells. I repeated these steps with all seven Sodium compounds. I observed and recorded after each combination. Below are my results: Discussion: According to the example when you mix and Sodium compound with a Nitrate compound they will attach to each other. You will then be left with the other two reactions. If the mix they will become soluable, if they produce a milky substance, they are insoulubale. All of my phosphates formed a insoluble precipitate which is correct accourding to the solubility rules. All of my iodine reactions should have been soluble, my exception was Sodium Iodide and Copper(II) Nitrate. My barium Nitrate combined with Sodium sulfate was insoluble with is correct accourding to the solubility rules. All reactions with Chloride should have been soluble and they were. All Bicarbonate were in soluble, these I thought were soluble, until I moved it over dark paper. Carbonate and Hydroxides were all insoluble percipitante.

Negative Ion (Anions) | Positive Ions (Cations) | Solubility of Compounds| All negative ions are_____with | Alkali ions ( Li+, Na+, K+ etc)| Soluble| All negative ions are ____ with |...
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