General rules in a scientific laboratory

Topics: Chemistry, Hazard, Safety Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: January 24, 2015
General rules in a scientific laboratory:
The general rules in a laboratory are no eating, drinking or smoking. You also need to wear goggles and latex gloves at all times to protect your skin and eyes from any nasty chemicals causing and damage or irritation. Hazard and chemicals:

Biological hazards and chemical substances are often examined and handled in the laboratory. Certain procedures are taken in order to protect the person who is working in the lab and also their health. Unattended Equipment:

Some laboratory testing can take hours to complete however the equipment needs to be observed for potential hazards and dangers these should be recognised and dealt with immediately before it is used by someone else as this is part of health and safety as well as maintenance of the equipment this will ensure there is no risks posed to the next technician using the equipment. First Aid and Safety:

Although a laboratory will have safety practices in place to avoid any unnecessary accidents, however if they do occur there will be procedures in place to report and deal with it and to prevent it from happening to anyone else. All laboratories should consist of a fire extinguisher and a first aid box including a fire blanket. These procedures should be in place if anything bad had occurred whilst working in the laboratory if these were not included and if someone had injured themselves or if there was a fire people’s lives would be at risk and the laboratory would not be safe to work in either.
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