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Certificate in Education and PGCE (Lifelong Learning)

Nationally endorsed (DTLLS equivalent)

Coursework Documentation Pack

Year 1 and CTLLS


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Course Work Documentation for the Cert.Ed /PGCE and CTLLS programmes

This booklet includes an introduction to all the paperwork you are required to complete while undertaking the year 1 modules on your programme. It is available to you electronically through your programme leader and also your college virtual learning environment (VLE) or intranet. It is designed to be completed electronically and printed afterwards, though a few sections may be more convenient if completed by hand (eg. mentoring record).

If you have any problems with accessing this, please contact your programme leader or Alison Barton at UCLan

Section 1 explains how to use the paperwork. There are blue hyperlinks throughout for your convenience. Use Ctrl + click to go straight to the section you have been reading about.

The rest of the booklet is the paperwork itself. This follows the sequence that you will need for your teaching portfolio, including a contents page for you to use as a checklist. The section numbers in this pack match the sections in your portfolio. Please make sure you have enough dividers to organise your portfolio in this way.

Module descriptions are included in your programme handbook. This pack simply contains the documentation you need to complete the module and some suggestions about how this can be used.

Modules included:

Module TS1301 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Module TS1304 Developing Professional Practice in Teaching and Learning

Section 1: Explaining the paperwork
Professional development documents, initial assessments and action plans

Following the recommendations of the Dearing Report, HE Institutions have made a commitment to support personal development profiling for each learner. This is defined as:

‘a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and achievement, and to plan for their personal educational and career development.’ (QAA 2004)

Your teaching practice and professional development portfolio will support this process and is an integral part of the programme.

The professional development documents and your individual learning plan (ILP) should: Help you make links and gain a holistic overview of your studies Help you reflect critically and become a more independent learner Help you be pro-active about planning your academic study, professional development and career Help you to identify your learning in a variety of contexts and make the most of it.

Ofsted has suggested that:
‘professional development records must begin with the initial assessment at the start of training, record existing skills and set out learning aims. Each trainee will be responsible for updating their records in discussion with their teacher training team.’

In this section of your portfolio you will build up a profile of yourself and your development as a teacher. This will include the documents in Section 2 of this pack.

Start with your Pen portrait to provide a profile of yourself.

The helps you to assess where your strengths and areas for development are in your teaching subject(s).

The Minimum Core
As part of the programme you will develop your skills in the ‘minimum core’ of...
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