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j250 LaFleur Syllabus S 2013

Morehead State University
Caudill College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Department of Communication, Media & Leadership Studies

Spring 2013

COMS 250: Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Professor Dr. G. B. Pierre LaFleur
Office : 203F Breckinridge Hall, MSU
Emergency Phone : Call or text me at : 502-316-4516
Office Hours : Write to me at for convenient times to visit or chat by phone. Or call me at 606-783-2192 Mondays or Wednesdays during office hours (11:30 to 12:30 and 3:00 to 4:00).


Course Description:
COMM 250. Introduction to Intercultural Communication Prerequisite: CMSP 108. A focus on intercultural misunderstanding and its remedies. Topics include the nature of culture, cultural value patterns, ethnic and gender identities, culture shock, the relationship between language and culture, differences in verbal styles, intercultural differences in nonverbal communication, the origins and nature of human bias and prejudice, the management of intercultural conflict, the challenges of intercultural-intimate relationships, questions of global identity, identity, and communication ethics. General Education “Student Learning Objectives”

1. We hope to help you to improve your comprehension of college-level critical, creative, and technical texts. (GenEd SLO: 1b) 2. We hope to help you to improve your ability to write effectively for a variety of target audiences using conventions of standard English. (GenEd SLO: 1c) 3. We hope to help you to understand how to convey quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (non-numerical) relationships using symbols, equations, graphs, and tables. (GenEd SLO: 1d) 4. We hope to examine the history of the United States and explain the basic principles and operation of the United States government with a view to being a responsible citizen. (GenEd SLO: 4a) How your learning will be assessed/evaluated:

1. We will assess your progress regarding the first objective above by assigning required and suggested readings and then assessing your comprehension of the material using written summaries and discussion-board contributions, essays, and exams. 2. We will assess your ability to write effectively, as in No. 2 above, by examining and evaluating the essays you write. We will use criteria that reflect the conventions typical of standard English. 3. We will assess your development regarding the conveyance of quantitative and qualitative information using symbols, charts, graphs and tables by requiring the creation and use of same in written and or oral reports. 4. We will assess your understanding of American history and the basic principles of and operations of our government, as well as your understanding of the various cultural histories and cultural struggles and problems in American history by examining you in writing.

Objectives more specific to this course:
This course is designed to address the following student learner outcomes.
At the end of the course, students should be able to:
1. Name and explain the theoretical concepts that underlie the study of intercultural communication. 2. Differentiate and list a number of communication differences between major cultures and co-cultures in the United States of America. 3. Gain understanding that facilitates effective communication across cultural lines. 4. Recognize the influence of other factors -- such as history, identity, sexuality, gender, mass media, celebration and ritual, language, economic class, values, and ethical systems -- on intercultural communication.

Your learning regarding these outcomes will all be assessed via the assignments, participation, and exams described below.

Department of Communication Program Objectives: These course objectives are related to the following Communication program objectives listed in the Morehead State...
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