Gijubhai Badheka

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Gijubhai Badheka
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Girijashankar Bhagwanji Badheka|
Born| 15 November 1885
Chittal, Saurashtra (region), India|
Died| 23 June 1939
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India|
Known for| Education, Reforms, Children's Education, Dakshinamurti. Also known as Moochali Maa| Born on 15 November 1885 at Chittal in Saurashtra (region) as Girijashankar Badheka to Bhagwanji and Sm. Kashiba of Vala (near Vallabhipur, Bhavnagar region), and known as Gijubhai Badheka, Gijubhai was a distinct reformist, educationist and an author. Being brought up and educated in Bhavnagar, in 1907 he was made to leave the shores to earn livelihood and spent some time of his youth in East Africa and Bombay. Gradually by 1915-16, the thriving thought and concept of Dakshinamurti finally surfaced to exist which became landmark in education, to be remembered for ever once he extended himself in drafting the constitution of Dakshinamurti to its founder Nanabhai Bhatt (Lokbharti). Dakshinamurti, the concept of a distinct school, backed up by the inspiration Gijubhai had by studying and evaluating the Montessori method of education, along with the mission, vision and works of Gijubhai Badheka are regarded as revolutionary and reforming in the region and in the country, serving greater social and educational aspects. Often called as 'Moochhali Maa', meaning 'a mother with whiskers', Gijubhai Badheka wrote a number of books, storybooks and publications covering children, education, Montessori education, travel, humor, vocation and career, etc. He died on 23 June 1939. Shree Gijubhai Badheka.

Gijubhai (Girjasanker) who was the nucleus of child education in Gujarat and was affectionately called “The Children’s Gandhi” was born on 15th November 1885 at Vala (Vallabhipur), Bhavnagar District. After completing his education at Bhavnagar he left for East Africa and was there for a period of two years. Upon his return to India, Gijubhai worked for a business firm...
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